Dendrites in agate
Epigenetic inclusion (probanly melanterite) in quartz, Brazil, crossed polarisers
Two-phase inclusions in sapphire, Sri Lanka
Colour zoning in ruby from Mong-Shu, Burma
Natural etching structure on a crystal face of diamond (trigons), polarised light
Fluid inclusions in quartz with bituminous daughter minerals, China
Inclusions of chrysotile fibres in demantoide garnet from Ural Mountains, Russia
Midge included in amber from the Baltic coast, polarised light


National course 30.5.2021 - 1.6.2021 Alpenrose Wildhaus, St Gallen

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Meet and Greet on Monday, September 27th, 2021 in the Natural History Museum in Bern.
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Naturhistorisches Museum Bern
Bernastrasse 15
3005 Bern

(Photos: Photographer Naturhistorisches Museum Bern)


Suisse Romande: Septembre 29 / 30, 2019

Bern: October 21 / 22, 2019

Basel / Solothurn / Aargau and Central Switzerland: November 4, 2019

Zurich: October 14 / 15, 2019

East Switzerland / Liechtenstein: September 16 / 17, 2019

Ticino: September 21 / 22, 2019