Two-phase inclusion in amethyst, Brazil
Stress fissure («sun spangle») in baltic amber
Two-phase inclusions in sapphire, Sri Lanka
Inclusions of rock crystal and rutile needles in quartz, Brazil, polarised light
Spinel crystal in dolomite marble, Burma
«Red fox agate» from Patagonia, Argentina
Two-Phase inclusions and rutile needles in rock crystal from Brazil
Inclusions of chrysotile fibres in demantoide garnet from Ural Mountains, Russia


The Swiss Gemmological Society has the following objectives:

  • To promote the gemmological knowledge of its members
  • To extend this knowledge through annual training and to pass on the benefits thereof to the gemstone and pearl trades in the industry
  • Protect the interest of the purchasing public
  • Maintain ethical business practices, combat unfair competition and comply with the international guidelines of the diamond, gemstone and pearl trades