Two-phase inclusions in sapphire, Sri Lanka
Inclusions of fossil plant debris in opal from Wollo, Ethiopia
«Red fox agate» from Patagonia, Argentina
Fire opal, Mexico
Twin-crystal of chrysoberyl
Spinel crystal in dolomite marble, Burma
Inclusions of anatase crystal and rutile fibres in rock crystal from Brazil
Stress fissure («sun spangle») in baltic amber

Coloured Gemstones: the Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom

The beauty of nature awakens in us a feeling of reverence and boundless admiration. The beauty pleases the eyes and the heart, exhilarates the mind, but remains a mystery to those who approach this beauty with a closed mind. The beauty of the gemstones is enigmatic and diverse, expressing itself in a largely varied palette, from the purest transparency, to the shimmering colours revealed by the whimsical play of light, to the most delicate colour nuances, manifesting charm capable of unleashing passion.

Beyond the fascinating crystals extracted from the depths of the earth, the bewitched eye discovers the consuming fire of the ruby, the paradise gardens of the emerald, the foamy seas in the aquamarine… it is as if the coloured stone opened the doors to far removed worlds.

Large gemstone families such as beryl, garnet or tourmaline offer, in addition to bright colours, a surprising abundance of pastel colours.